How to Socialize Your New Puppy

by Alessia

This overly upbeat video isn’t the most groundbreaking thing I’ve ever watched, but it does make some good points about how to socialize your new puppy. I have a lot of friends who are fearful or anxious around new people or animals, so by following some of these steps with your new puppy, you can avoid those types of issues.

How to Socialize Your New Puppy:
– in the first 3-4 months of the puppy’s life, make sure to introduce them to as many new people, places, situations, and other dogs as possible.
– if you live near a beach for example, this is the time to bring them there often so that they can recognize the place and will not learn to fear it or get anxious.
– ask your friends to come over and if they have a dog, to bring them. On the other end of that, bring your puppy to friends’ houses whether they have dogs or not, just so your puppy can get the hang of new places.
– enroll them in a puppy class or bring them to a dog run where there are a lot of other puppies or full grown dogs that they can play with and get to know.


Socializing your dog is so important, it is not only frustrating for a human to have a dog who is anxious or fearful of social situations, but for that dog, every time the doorbell rings or people come over, they are scared and that’s no way to live as a pooch!

Alessia xx

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