How To Teach Your Dog To Catch

by Alessia

If you want to know how to teach your dog to catch something in his mouth, it’s a pretty tedious but easy skill to teach. In a few simple steps your dog should understand the “catch” command, though even without the command he will know to catch using his mouth.


1. Find a soft toy that will easily fit into your dog’s mouth, like a soft ball or a rubber toy. (Teaching this skill with treats will result in a very full dog, as it will most likely take some time to perfect).

2. Have your dog sit in front of you.

3. Toss the toy underhand toward your dog’s mouth, but a little over his head, while saying “catch”.

4. If he misses the catch, pick up the toy and repeat steps 2-3 over and over.

5. Once your dog starts snapping for the toy and realizes what he must do, toss the toy closer to his mouth until he begins to catch on most throws.

Once your dog realizes that he can catch something in his mouth, the command won’t really be necessary unless your are tossing something far away to him like a ball or frisbee, but either way it’s good to train him to know the word so that there is that recognition of the action in connection to the command.

Don’t be discouraged if this is how it goes for a while:

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