How to Teach Your Dog to Roll Over

by Alessia

I’ve tried to teach Lucas how to roll over, but honestly, I think he’s a little bit afraid to do it. Every once in a while when he’s running around outside he’ll roll in the snow or grass, but if I try and do it with a treat he just won’t budge. If you’re wondering how to teach your dog to roll over, Pedigree UK has a few tips that I will definitely be trying as well, because honestly, what’s cuter than a little dog rolling all over the place?


1. command your dog into the “down” position.
2. hold a treat above his nose and move it across his head to his shoulder while arching your arm over their head.
3. when your dog’s balance becomes compromised as a result of following the treat, they will flop over onto teir back. Reward them at this point.
4. Repeat the first move and once your dog has flopped over, continue to move your arm out to the side so they roll onto their side. Reward them again at this point.
5. Once they get these two steps down, try and do it all in one fluid motion while rewarding your dog along the way and commanding them to “roll over”.

It seems simple enough, but Lucas is a trying young boy, so we’ll see how well this goes for us. Let us know if you get successful results with these steps, or if you have done something different in the past that worked for you and your dog.

Alessia xx

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