How to Train a Dog to Walk on One Side

by Alessia

This Cesar Milan training video is all about how to train a dog to walk on one side. The woman who Cesar Milan is training explains that in New York City dogs need to be curbed so that they do not do their business in the middle of the sidewalk or bother other people using the sidewalk. Cesar uses treats and noises to get her dog to walk along one side of her even though she is normally a bit resistant to do so. This training technique is helpful for all dog owners, not only New York City dog owners, because in regard to our post about waking etiquette, there are situations when you need to keep your dog behaved and on the side of you for a number of reasons. This short video of Cesar teaches a simplified technique on how to train a dog to walk on one side that any owner can try with their pooch.

Alessia xx

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