How to Wrap a Dog for Christmas

by Alessia

Before we got our first dog when I was nine, I had always hoped on every Christmas morning that my parents would bring out a big box with holes in the lid and I would open it up to find a fluffy little puppy. That never happened – there was no box with holes in the lid, no letter from santa telling me he’d brought me a very special gift. Luckily I’m still not waiting to open up a dog on Christmas morning, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have dogs in my life for the last fourteen years, but it turns out that even if I did get one on Christmas morning, I was looking for the wrong thing entirely. Dogs apparently do not come wrapped in boxes, but wrapped in the shape of, well, puppies. This video shows you how not to wrap a dog, but I really think these guys are onto something here..

Alessia xx

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