How Your Dog Can Help With a New Baby

by Alessia

I have heard of (and seen) the magic that happens between a dog and a new baby before. Normally though, I think of a baby as a way to calm a dog down and make them more mellow, but this is all about how your dog can help with a new baby rather than the other way around. The following seven items are how your dog can help with a new baby if you prepare him for the role during your pregnancy when he is your greatest companion (especially during sleepless nights).


1. Built in baby monitor – when you’re so exhausted you can barely see but the idea of not hearing your baby crying in the middle of the night is keeping you awake, that’s where your furry friend comes in. His super hearing and ability to wake up at the slightest sound will assure that no sound or cry will go unnoticed. So get some sleep and your pooch will wake you if you need to be.

2. Furry garbage can/mop – Babies and infants are messy, especially when they eat. Leave the antibacterial wipes under the sink and put your dog at attention under the high chair. He’ll love the extra snackage he’s receiving (dog friendly human food only, please), and you will love that clean up will become only swiping the dog drool away in one swoop.

3. Exercise buddy – body after baby can be a frightening thing to think about, but with a pooch in the house you have an all day exercise buddy. Your dog will never turn down a workout and because of all of his energy, exercising becomes a must. Grab the dog’s leash and the baby’s stroller and go outside.

4. Immune system booster – new moms can be really protective of their baby in terms of getting sick, but it turns out, a little dirt never hurt. The germs that your baby will be exposed to because of your dog are actually beneficial in boosting their immune system, which means less ear  and decreasing the risk of infant asthma and allergies. So drooly kiss away, doggy! You’re doing your little human friend a world of good.

5. Entertainment – Dogs and babies are both hilarious creatures, so put them together and you’ve got instant entertainment. Forget hours of endess peek-a-boo and hide and seek, because your pooch will be so entertained by the baby and vice versa, that you won’t have to try as hard to be excited every time you remove your hands from your eyes.

6. Practice – even though dogs are very different than babies, they are the same in that they both need care and attention 24/7 and are pretty helpless on their own. Though dogs are a little bit more self-sufficient than a newborn baby, dogs require training and attention, especially when they’re new puppies. Having a pooch at any time in your life, especially as you’re preparing for a baby is great practice for what’s to come.

7. Unconditional love – the way you love your dog and your dog loves you unconditionally is the way that your dog will love his new human. He will bring your baby into the world with the type of love that comes from nowhere else but a canine. A furry sibling, a built in best friend, whatever you want to call your dog, they will be their for the new baby no matter what and you will be pleasantly surprised with how willing your pooch is to be their protector and love them forever.


For more great doggy and baby pictures, visit this post and “awww” your little faces off.

Alessia xx

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