If Humans Were As Loyal As Dogs: Part I

by Alessia

This week’s comic is another funny one about humans and their dogs. Our dogs are so loyal to us, they would really do anything to make us happy and protect us. This comic illustrates what it would look like if humans were as loyal to their dogs as they are to us. It made me realize how great my dog is to me even when he annoys me with his constant licking of my pants or eating of my shoes. He’d sit in the car with me for hours without question, and he waits for me and my family to come home from work all day without holding a grudge. (Granted, who knows what kind of mischief he gets up to when we’re not around, but still, it’s go to be pretty boring being alone). This little comic can serve as a reminder that our dogs are pretty awesome to us without even having to be asked, unlike most humans.



Isn’t it silly, but so true?

Alessia xx

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