Identibase – How To Check Your Dog’s Microchip Details

by Reena Bakir
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Identibase – previously known as Anibase – is the UK’s leading pet database which stores essential information about your pet to make sure your pet always has the essential information needed by vets on them at all times! The service is built on a multi-layered system, which secures your pet’s information on a chip, allowing them to be tracked and found wherever they are.

Find out more about how Identibase works here, and read on to learn how to check your dog’s microchip details with this service!

Identichip – How It Works


Identichip, a key component of Identibase, offers a microchip device which is put into your pet’s skin. The chip contains all of the essential information about your pet, including: age, sex, breed, address, medical conditions, owner contact information and more!

Once the chip is scanned, your pet’s information will appear. This chip is not only essential for visiting different veterinary clinics that may not be aware of your pet’s conditions and medical history, but is also vital for the tracking and finding of lost pets!

How To Register With Identibase


Registering your put onto the Identibase program could not be easier, with the service offering multiple ways for your convenience.

  • Online: The quickest way to register your pet is online, by simply creating an account and completing the necessary forms to receive the necessary documents.
  • Post: Your vet or designated implanter will offer you a form to fill out and return through with an envelope in order to complete the registration on Identibase and to receive your documents.

How To Check Your Dog’s Details

After completing registration and receiving your certificate and documents containing your pet’s information, you will also receive your login details and microchip number which will allow you to enter the online database.

The online database provides you with your registered pet’s information, and also allows you to make any changes or updates, such as a change of address.

Sign up for Identibase today, and make sure your pet’s information is always available for easy access at any time!

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