Interactive Play – Why It’s Important for the Development of Your Puppy

by Melissa Keen

Interactive play is not only important for children, but it’s important for puppies, too. Playing to learn is an important part of growing up as it engages the brain and teaches important life lessons that can be taken into adulthood.

Puppies play from an early age. They will learn to play fight with their brothers and sisters by wrestling, playing tug-of-war, stealing toys, sneaking up on their siblings, and chasing each other. This is also where they will learn important social boundaries, such as when play gets too rough.

Along with this, dogs are naturally curious and playing helps them to puzzle solve. A dog who plays, particularly when that play is interactive, grows to be a smart, healthy and well-rounded dog.

Playing is also a fantastic form of exercise and helps to stimulate them both mentally and physically. A dog who plays up to three hours a day tends to be more stable and generally happier. If you don’t allow your dog to play, they’ll find another way to exert this energy – by barking, chewing shoes, or causing other havoc.

It’s not difficult to stimulate your pup – in fact, most of the ways you already play with him are probably ideal! Fetch, tug rope and dog chews are all ways in which they can learn to engage with us, their environment, and with themselves.

There are also some great interactive toys made specifically to engage their senses that you can use to get their mental juices flowing and keep them occupied for hours.

P.L.A.Y Wobble Ball Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

This interactive treat dispensing toy is ideal for enriching your dog. It requires persistence and intelligence and dispenses a tasty treat to keep them motivated. The ball rolls around unpredictably to keep them excited and intrigued.

It’s also 100% dishwasher safe and you can add whatever treats you like to it, meaning it can be reused for hours and hours of play.

P.L.A.Y Scout & About Tug Rope Toy

This ultra-durable rope is ideal for playing tug of war or fetch with. It can be swung and thrown with ease and comes in two sizes for both small and large dog breeds.

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