Jennifer Lopez being sued over ex-boyfriend’s dog attack

by Bronwyn Hall

Jennifer Lopez is reportedly being sued over a dog attack that took place in December.

Gossip site TMZ reported that Lopez’s neighbour, Andrea Ashley, filed a lawsuit regarding the incident which left her with ‘gruesome’ injuries.

j lo

The Huffington Post

The dog involved in the attack is a Boxer named Bear who belongs to Casper Smart, J-Lo’s ex-boyfriend. Smart is also being sued.

The victim has said that the attack occurred when she was exiting her vehicle. She claims that the dog ‘mauled her left arm and hand’ leaving her with broken bones and cuts. A representative for Lopez said that the dog was ‘only at her house for a visit with her kids.’

However, TMZ also reported that ‘Ashley says this wasn’t the first attack. Bear also escaped through a hole in J-Lo’s fence and attempted to attack her in April. She says only her gardener saved her from getting mauled that time.’ The site added that following the attack Smart had attempted to make the situation right. He reportedly called the victim to apologize and offered to pay all of her medical expenses.

Casper Smart

The Hollywood Gossip

Reportedly, Ashely is including Lopez in the court documents as the Boxer had escaped from her fence.


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