Jumping Jacks Compilation

by Nancy Boland

Though this compilation is a homage to the Jack Russell Terrier and it’s fans alike,  it is specific to the spirit of dogs in general.

Jack Russells have long been a popular breed thanks to their instinctive hunting qualities, in particular for ”ratting” and any other small furries they can possibly track down and destroy!

They were the yappy character in ‘The mask’ movie who wasn’t Jim Carey, the only actor in Frasier who wasn’t irritating . They’ve  appeared in a plethora of blockbusters, including the tear jerking ‘Skip’ and most recently Uggie, the smart Jack Russell who’s performance in The Artist earned him an Oscar.

Without further delay I present: jumping jacks!

jumping jack 2

Tilly the Jack Russell jumps for a snow ball

jumping jack 4

jumping jack 5

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