Keep Your Dog Safe In And Around Swimming Pools

by Alexandra Madani

There is nothing more tempting than jumping into a refreshing pool on a blistering hot day. Even if your dog is a great swimmer don’t assume he will be safe in a swimming pool. If you want to play with your dog in the pool my number one advice tip is always train him to enter the pool slowly and make sure he knows how to get out. Guide him up and down the stairs slowly until he becomes familiar with getting in and out. This way you can feel comfortable that if your dog falls into the pool he knows where to go to get out safely and prevent any panicking and trying to get out at the steep edges.

Next is chlorine. Most pools are treated with chlorine which can be very harmful to your dogs skin and eyes so once you have finished playing with your dog in the pool, always hose him down with fresh water to remove the chlorine from his coat and face.

Always remember that even excellent swimmers will become less able as they get older or if they incur any injuries. Never leave your dog unattended when around the pool and remember that heat and sunlight are more intense around pools so make sure there is plenty of shade for your dog to rest in and don’t keep him outside on hot days for long periods of time.

Labrador Swimming Pool

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