Kivuli – Unique, Handcrafted Products for Your Pets

by Melissa Keen

We’re so happy to announce our newest brand, Kivuli!

Kivuli is a family business based in Kenya and the UK. It’s named after their mascot and product tester, a Springer Spaniel Poodle Cross called Shadow.

With unique designs, all their products are made with premium leathers, recycled brass and the highest-quality components available.

Kenya has also banned plastic bags, so all your product will arrive plastic-free.

​”The dog collars and the leads are made of high-quality African pull-up leather,” says Isabell, who heads up the team in Minhango, Kenya.

Kifaru Luxury Leather Beaded Dog Collar

“Locally sourced and made to our specification, pull-up leather is one of the most sought-after because of its natural feel, grains and marks that are notable on its surface depicting its natural quality.

“The beautiful mocha (dark brown) shade that is mildly glossy making it easy to clean and waterproof, while the beaded harnesses are made of printed leather which is soft and beautiful.

“All leather used is high quality and has a long life guaranteed!”

Kivuli is also a corporate member of the Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (KSPCA).

Click HERE to view the amazing range!

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