Last minute Christmas games for dogs

by Bronwyn Hall

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, everybody was scrambling for something to play with Rover on Christmas Day! (Sorry, couldn’t make it rhyme…)

Are you looking for some festive games to play with your four-legged friend on Christmas day? Perhaps you have a canine guest coming and you’re keen to show off with a pre-organised game for them? Well, this afternoon I donned my super-internet-woman cape and searched Google for some last minute ideas and here’s what I found:

(Don’t) pass the parcel is a fun game that can be played with one dog or more. The idea is very much the same as human pass the parcel; you wrap up a tasty treat or fun toy (something squeaky will work wonders) under several layers of wrapping. Keep your dog(s) interested by leaving some of their favorite kibble under each different layer. Sit back and watch while they go crazy trying to get through all of the layers!



Doggy treasure hunting is a fun way to engage your dog and also work on some scent exercises. Use some particularly yummy smelling treats, especially if this is your dog’s first time. Fill boxes, bags or parcels with the tasty morsels and hide them around the garden or house. Then let your dog go to work and see how many delicious treasures he can find!

Egg and spoon races are great fun if you have two or more dogs joining you for Christmas. This game is set out very much like a normal egg and spoon race (I recommend hard boiled eggs). However, your dog’s lead must be on the wrist of the hand that you are using to hold the egg and spoon. Of course, dropping the egg means you lose and the first person or team to cross the line are the winners!



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