Looking For a Low Maintenance Dog? Here’s The List

by Reena Bakir
French bulldog low maintenance breed

While adopting a life-long friend is an exciting and exhilarating experience, finding the right breed for your companion can sometimes get tricky! Undoubtedly, all dogs require time, care and attention, which is something all dog owners should be able to put in to provide their little friends with the love and care that they deserve!

Nevertheless, some breeds can save you the stress of constant grooming, health care and cleaning, and require less exercise and activity than other dogs. Whether you lead a busy life and are short on extra free-time or would simply want to spare yourself the hassle of constant brushing and grooming, there’s a perfect breed out there waiting for you. Here’s a list of five low maintenance dog breeds to suit your needs!


This adorable family-friendly breed is perfect for someone who is looking for a low-maintenance pup that could provide them (and their kids) a wonderful and fun companionship. Easily trainable, this dog won’t require a long investment of time and effort into their training, and are quick to learn when provided with the right excitement and rewards by their owners. With their water-resistant short coat, Beagles wouldn’t normally require more than a single brushing session per week as to keep shedding under control. While Beagles are low-maintenance in terms of care and grooming, they require moderate exercise and should be provided a fenced open space to run and walk. These incredibly affectionate dogs would be great companions if you are looking for a fun and friendly pal!

beagle low maintenance dog breed

French Bulldog

If you are looking for a small and loving pup who loves to laze around just as much as you do, then the Frenchie is your dog! These dogs are perfectly happy with living in an apartment or a small house and do not require a large space to run or exercise, as their endurance is relatively low. Therefore, French Bulldogs would not require lengthy walks, either, and would be satisfied with quality time with their owners. As average shedders with short fur, Frenchies simply require occasional brushing to keep their coat nice and healthy. Bathing should also be done when necessary, or preferably a monthly habit, to keep your pups clean and refreshed.

French bulldog low maintenance breed

Italian Greyhound

These devoted and calm friends enjoy relaxing peaceful and quiet environment, with the occasional exercise and activity at low intensity. Their ideal atmosphere is a warm house and a companion to cuddle with, as their thin coats make them prone to the cold. These small hounds are also very smart and easy to train with the right motivation and attitude, with only slight issues with housetraining like many other small dog breeds, therefore a dog door or an alternative method such as a litter tray would be preferable. When it comes to shedding, Greyhounds are relatively on the safe side and only require minimal brushing to remove dust and an occasional bath if they’ve gotten their coats dirty on a walk.

italian greyhound easy care dog breed


Shorthair Chihuahua

These tiny lap dogs are great low-maintenance companions and provide their owners with a fun-loving and excitable personality to keep them entertained. Shorthaired pups are among the easiest to groom clean and maintain, as their shedding is often kept to a minimum and due to the short nature of their hair, little dust or dirt would get trapped on their fur. Due to this perk, you’ll only need to bathe your chihuahua once a month if not less, and it is also recommended to use a warm wet paper towel to wipe their fur to keep clean between bath periods. One important aspect of grooming to be aware of is the length of their nails as they do tend to grow rather quickly, and to trim them when necessary.

short haired chihuahua



Dachshunds are energetic pups that are great for someone looking for a lively companion. The Smooth-coat breed comes with a shiny, short coat which is easy to groom and rarely sheds. Usually, you wouldn’t need frequent baths for your small friends unless they’ve gotten dirt or dust onto their fur from going outdoors. Like many other shorthair breeds, their short coats make them prone to the cold and thus must be kept warm during winter. Although easy to groom and clean, they may put up some trouble when it comes to housetraining, like many other small dogs.

low shedding dog dachshund


It’s important to remember that whichever breed you decide to adopt, all dogs require necessary care, attention and most importantly love in order to bring you and your companion closer together and form a life-long bond like no other!

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