Lost dog takes 2,400 mile road trip

by Bronwyn Hall

One of the biggest fears that you have as a dog owner is that your dog might get lost. If you are a particularly bad worrier (like me) then this fear will strike you multiple times a day (along with a fear that they might run into the road, eat something toxic, fall off the sofa and break their spines…)

Of course, my dogs are both microchipped and wear tags with my details on. However, that didn’t stop one America pooch from finding herself lost and on a 2,400 mile roadtrip!

Kendra and Colt Brown set up a Facebook page to try and track down their beloved dog Penny after she ran away from their office in Royal City. Unbeknownst to them, Penny had been picked up by a truck driver and embarked (pardon the pun) on a cross country road trip to Pittsburgh, PA.

Once in Pittsburgh, the truck driver had dropped the lost doggy to an animal rescue shelter. There they were able to scan Penny, find her microchip and trace her back to the Browns. 2,400 miles away.

Fortunately, upon hearing about Penny’s whereabouts her owners managed to find a local animal rescue group who were willing to take Penny to the airport. From there, Alaska Airlines flew Penny home free of charge where she was met by her doting and relieved family!

Please, keep your beloved canine companion tagged and chipped with up to date details to minimize the risk of them going on a trip of their own…

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