Low Shedding Dog Breeds

by Nancy Boland

Whether you’re allergic or just want minimal shedding in the home, there are lots of family friendly breeds to suit your needs. While there is no such thing as a dog that does not shed their fur at all, it is certainly fair to say that some dogs shed significantly more than others, so the Golden Retriever, for instance, might be well known for being a great family dog, but requires a lot of grooming and tends to shed a lot of their coat. Here are some low shedding dog breeds to consider:

Small dogs

Shih Tzu’s are a popular choice among dog owners. Despite their long coat, they really don’t shed much at all.  They are playful and active, happy to get involved in rough and tumble, but do not tend to be nippy or snappy, and are lively, active dogs that will very much enjoy running around in the garden with the kids.

non shed 2

The Bichon Frise is a small, white woolly-coated dog that doesn’t shed a lot, but still requires trimming and clipping. They tend to be loyal and relatively quiet within the home and are unlikely to scare nervous kids with over exuberant play, but also enjoy interactive play.

The Miniature Poodle has a similar coat to the Bichon Frise, and also has similar care requirements, and Poodles of all sizes are intelligent, love to play, and are friendly and loyal to everyone they come into contact with.

Medium dogs

Medium sized dogs are generally well suited to most households, and will be able to hold their own and keep up with older children too.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a stocky and compact dog with a very short coat that does not shed heavily or make much of a mess, and they are also very easy to bathe and clean up if they get mucky when out and about!

There is a Poodle present at every stage of the size range, from miniature to large, and so the low-shedding Standard Poodle is worthy of consideration.

non shed 1

Large dogs

Greyhounds  have incredibly short coats, meaning that fur all around the house will not be a problem and any clean up low maintenance.

Finally, the Irish Water Spaniel has a very Poodle-like coat, being very curly and puffy but not heavy shedding! Like the Poodle, their coats require care, but they do not shed much. All the fun of a spaniel breed without the clean up!

These are just a few examples of low-shedding breeds with either very short fur, or easy to manage coats. Lots of other breeds, like the cocker- poo or maltipoo are well known crossbreeds bred to be very low shed and so suit people with allergies who are just dying for that canine companion in their life!

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