Luxurious Faux Fur Blankets

by Reena Bakir
keep dogs warm in winter

There’s no better place for your pet to rest their head than these luxurious faux fur blankets! Ideal in their softness and fabulous style, these blankets can be put anywhere in the house from the living room sofas, your dog’s crate or even the end of your own bed!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we provide a wide range of fabulous faux fur blankets to keep your dogs as warm and cosy as possible! Coming in a variety of shades and types, and with the softest touch, these blankets are guaranteed to make any dog’s tail wag with joy! Check out the entire faux fur blankets collection at our store here!

Luxury Faux Fur Pet Blanket Brown Bear

faux fur blanket brownComing in a deep, rich chocolate base, this Brown Bear faux fur blanket sports different shades of brown throughout, ranging from dark centers to lighter copper tips, giving the impression of real brown bear fur! The base is 2cm long with fibres up to 3.5cm, allowing a soft and silky texture. The blanket is reversible, featuring a soft Velboa surface and is entirely machine washable, making cleaning and care easy as a breeze! It comes in five sizes, guaranteeing a comfortable fit for any canine!

Faux Fur Dog Blanket Black Moleskin

faux fur blanketsIn its striking jet black Moleskin, this faux fur blanket is luxurious and sleek. Ideal for a modern and minimalist look, this blanket exudes opulence and style in its simplicity, and can fit into any home or car space. Manufactured from the highest quality faux fur, this blanket is smooth to the touch and incredibly modish in any atmosphere! It comes in a range of sizes and is fully machine washable.

Faux Fur Dog Blanket Koala

faux fur blanketsThis splendid luxury faux fur blanket in Koala features stunning shades of silver and grey. Sporting a fabulous silky, glossy faux fur tipped in white with a soft taupe undercoat, this blanket exudes a natural feel and appearance. The faux fur is 3cm long and is the perfect throw to make a bed for your dog anywhere! Allow your canine to snuggle into this smooth blanket and enjoy the softest of sleep!

Faux Fur Dog Blanket Snow Wolf

faux fur dog blanketIn its unique mix of subtle cream, beige and grey, this faux fur blanket in Snow Wolf is as lovely and soft as real fur. With undeniable smoothness, this print is absolutely stunning in realness and luxury, and is bound to bring style into any living space! With its reversible soft Velboa, this blanket is flexible in functionality and design.

There’s More

Whether you’d like to make your dog’s crate cosier, add a fabulous sofa topper to your living space or simply give your pet a sleeping blanket for the years to come, there are many luxurious faux fur blankets destined to suit your taste and style! In this uncanny resemblance to real fur, these blankets carry all the attributes of luxurious fabric! Check out the faux fur collection at our store, and take a look at our entire range of throws and blankets for even more options!

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