Luxurious London themed dog toys

by Bronwyn Hall

At Chelsea dogs we have a range of luxurious London themed dog toys.

It can sometimes be difficult to find a toy that your dog loves to play with and that you don’t mind seeing around the house! With these adorable London themed dog toys, your dog can play to his hearts content with something that is beautiful and fun.

First up, this classic looking red London bus toy:

London bus toy

Made by Pet London and featuring a group of dog and cat friends riding the bus, this toy will definately draw the attention of your dog and lead to longer play times! What more could you ask for?

Or how about this Royal Guard plush toy:

london guard

This luxury London Royal Guard Dog plush dog toy is perfect for pups who are big fans of our capital city! A plush dog dressed in the traditional Royal Guard outfit complete with plush Bearskin with ‘on guard’ embroidered on it.

And for the London-loving pup, there is this little fella:

crochet guard

This London Royal Guard dog toy  is something that all dogs will love. Made from the finest 100% pure cotton threads, it is toy is non-toxic, durable and colourful.

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