Luxury Corded Dog Beds

by Reena Bakir

Your dog deserves to sleep somewhere comfortable, cosy and durable! That’s why these luxury corded dog beds are the perfect choice for your sleepy canine to rest, due to their ability to withstand wear and tear while remaining comfy and soft!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we offer a wide range of luxury dog beds in a variety of shapes, designs and forms! The corded dog beds available at our store are made from only the highest quality materials and are ideal for both home use and travel! Read on to find out more our collection and find the best corded dog bed for your pet!

Grey Corded Snuggle Rectangle Dog Bed by Hem and Boo

luxury corded dog beds

Perfect for a good night’s snuggle, this beautiful black and grey corded snuggle rectangle dog bed by Hem and Boo is both stylish and highly comfortable! The bed features a reversible and washable inner cushion, a waterproof outer fabric as well as a waterproof base, making it durable to wet coats and stains! It can be machine washed and is entirely hand made here in the UK! It comes in two sizes, small and medium, making it ideal for most small to medium dog breeds!

Brown Corded Snuggle Oval Dog Bed by Hem and Boo

hem and boo luxury corded dog bedThis stunning brown and tan corded snuggle oval dog bed is super soft and comfy, and will add a beautiful touch to any home! Densely padded for extra comfort and warmth, this bed will definitely become your dog’s favorite place to sleep. It comes with a reversible and washable inner cushion, as well as a waterproof outer. This durable bed is available in four sizes, making it ideal for almost all dog breeds!

Chili Dog Wine Sofa Dog Bed

corded dog bedsMade from 100% cotton cord, this luxury Chili Dog Wine sofa is densely filled with polyester virgin fiber, making the bed not only extremely comfortable but also great for battling odors as it does not hold onto doggy smells. With its striking rich wine color, this stylish bed will look great wherever it’s placed and will make your dog feel definitely fabulous! It’s available in medium and large sizes.

Grey Corded Waterproof Roll Up Travel Dog Bed by Hem and Boo

waterproof corded dog bedsFlexible, practical and comfortable dog bed by Hem and Boo comes in a lovely black and blue corded design and acts as the perfect travel bed! With its waterproof fabrics and the option to roll it up, the bed can be transported with you practically anywhere, and is great for car rides and day trips outdoors. The bed easily fastens, making it convenient and quick to pack up with you, taking as little space as possible.

There’s More!

Don’t miss out on more from our beautiful corded dog beds collection, and offer your pet the best sleep they can have! These beds withstand water, wear and tear and long-term use, making it truly a life-long bed! Check out our entire collection, and give your pet the bed they deserve.

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