Luxury Dog Drying Coats

by Reena Bakir
dog drying coat

Whether you’re looking for an alternative to soggy towels after a shower, or a solution for walks in rainy weather and the muddy outdoors, dog drying coats are an essential addition to your dog’s wardrobe! Made from special materials that cling to your dog’s body, absorb the water off their fur and make the drying process easier and faster, you can say goodbye to wet and muddy fur for good!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we have a special collection of the most luxurious, convenient and durable dog drying coats on the market! Check out the selection on our store here, and read on below for our favorite picks.

Dog Robe by Danish Design

dog drying coatsExquisitely made from luxurious cotton toweling, this is the ultimate dog drying coat for wet muddy fur or a soaked pup after bathtime! The robe is flexible and soft, and therefore keeps dogs warm and dry without restricting their movements. The coat comes in five different sizes, with adjustable velcro fastenings and is designed for a tight simple fit on any dog’s body, making it easy to take off and put on with minimal hassle! The robe is machine washable and easy to keep clean!

Ruff and Tumble Dog Drying Coat

dog drying coatsThe perfect coat for active dogs that love to get wet and muddy, these Ruff and Tumble drying coats are designed to keep your dog comfortable, dry and satisfied. Luxurious made from high quality, double thickness cotton toweling, the coat soaks up dampness from your dog’s fur and makes for quick and easy drying without any hassle! Moreover, the coat can be personalized with your dog’s name, making it all the more special! The size of the coat is adjustable via a toweling ‘belly flap’, simply adjusted with Velcro straps.

Original Dog Drying Coat 

dog drying coatThis microfiber dog coat is fantastic for warming and crying your canine. The coat fits tight and snug on your dog for maximum contact with the fur to absorb wetness and moisture. Made out of a polar fleece outer and lined with a high quality black microfiber made in Italy, the toweling ensures that your dog dries quickly and smoothly. Your dog will also begin to warm up as the water is absorbed into the coat. Coming in a wide range of sizes, the coat has adjustable fastenings and can fit on dogs from any breed.

Ruff and Tumble Country Collection Dog Drying Coat Burgundy 

dog drying coats

Not only is this dog coat one of the most stylish on the market as part of the Country collection by Ruff and Tumble,  but it is also made out of the highest quality materials to keep your dog warm and comfortable! With an impeccable fit, double thickness luxurious cotton toweling and faux leather trim that makes it stand out from the crowd, this designer coat is fantastic for any fancy canine that loves to get wet. Modeled in the design of the horse blanket, the coats are very easy to put on and take off with no trouble!

There’s More!

Looking for the full collection of luxury drying dog coats? Check out our store here and find your favorite picks!

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