Luxury Dog Tags to Keep Your Dog Safe

by Reena Bakir
luxury dog tags

Every beloved canine deserves a designer ID tag to keep them safe at all times! Never have to worry about your dog wandering a little far from home with these luxury dog tags, made especially to keep your dog safe by showing your dog’s name and address!

At Chelsea Dogs, we have a wide range of luxury dog tags coming in a range of designs and materials. Read on to find out more about our top picks.

Chunky Gold Small Bone Designer Dog Tag

The ultimate gift in designer pet identification, ts small bones Chunky Gold ID tag acts as the perfect special addition to your dog’s collar! The tag can come in either a fabulous chrome or gold finish, and can be engraved on both sides.

Silicon Slider Dog Collar Tag – Black Pet ID Tag

luxury dog tag slider

You’ll never have to fret about your dog’s tag getting caught in things or breaking off with this convenient and luxurious slider dog tag! This Tagiffany Silicone Slider is created to withstand through the adventures of the most energetic dogs! It comes with a stainless steel plate which can be laser-engraved with all your desired information. It comes in two sizes to fit different sizes collars, and can be found in a range of colors!

Luxury Black Bone Designer Dog Tag

luxury dog tags This fabulous high quality bones ID tag comes in a unique domed design, making it entirely unique to anything else on the market! The tag features a luxury silver bone, and is made from premium grade alloy and finished in highly polished deep chrome for an elegant look. It is also diamond-engraved on the back, which leaves a crisp and clean look to your text. It is available in a variety of colors, so find the perfect one to match your dog’s collar!

Breed Dog ID Tag

luxury dog tag breeds

Available for all breeds, this luxury ID tag comes personalized with the breed of your pup, making it all the more special for your pet! The designer tag is also manufactured for quality, made from strong alloy and feature smooth edges which are mirror polished and nickle plated. The latest technology used to engrave the image and text ensures that it penetrates the pet tag surface and creates a permanent crisp image that doesn’t wear off with use! They are also colorful and bright, making them a real eye-catcher!

Luxury Red Paw Print Designer Dog Tag

luxury dog tag

Featuring the iconic and adorable paw print design, this luxury dog tag is that extra special touch your pet needs! Coming in an elegant domed design, and made from premium grade alloy, this tag is both high in quality and one of a kind! It comes in a range of other fun colors as well, so make sure you choose the best color to fit your dog’s collar and lead!

There’s More

Looking for more iconic dog tags to ensure your dog’s safety while looking absolutely fabulous? Make sure to check out the rest of our designer collection!

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