Luxury Dog Toys to Keep Your Dog Entertained

by Reena Bakir
luxury dog toys

Playtime is probably your dogs’ favorite time of day – and they deserve only the best luxury dog toys to keep them entertained! Whether it’s cord toys to pull on, chew toys to munch, or soft stuffed plushies to snuggle with, this selection of fabulous dog toys are guaranteed to make their play all the more fun and exciting!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we have a wide range of luxury dog toys, coming in different themes, designs and for a variety of functions! Read on to find out about some of our top picks and find the ideal toys for your beloved pets!

Green Tweed Long Legs Hare Dog Toy

luxury dog toys

Coming complete with a squeaked inside, this Hare toy comes in a luxurious Green Tweed printed fabric and features fabulous sheepskin trademarks. This adorable toy will become your dog’s favorite thing to cuddle with and toss around with its fun and exciting squeaker!

Personalised Squeaky Bone Dog Toys

luxury dog toys boneEspecially made for your pet, these unique bone toys for dogs are beautifully personalized with your dog’s name printed onto luxurious fabric. With a wide selection of beautiful fabrics, you can choose the perfect print to go with the lovely thread color of the embroidered name of your pet! The toys are filled with fibre filling and come with a squeaker, ensuring hours of fun! They can come in three sizes, making them ideal for all dog breeds!

Stagbar Antler Multi Chew Dog Toy

luxury dog toysThis multi-chew toy is the perfect way to keep your dog happy! Chewing releases feel-good chemicals to your dog’s brain, keeping your dogs happily occupied for hours. This Stagbar toy features a naturally shed deer antler, natural rubber chewy ring, and unbleached cotton rope. It is especially designed to give three different textures for your dogs to munch on, and wears down slowly to eventually reveal a lovely inside treat when the outside is all worn away. The toy also cleans up your dog’s teeth as they chew, and are great for your dog’s stomachs as they only contain a small amount of fat.

P.L.A.Y Earthworm Soft Dog Toy

This soft worm toy is part of P.L.A.Y’s new Buggin’ Out range featuring a selection of their creepy crawlies turned into adorable soft toys! The toy features handmade craftsmanship, a double layer exterior and double-stitched edges for extra durability. It contains an eco-friendly PlanetFill® filler and is more from 100% recycled materials.

Unicorn Texture Ball Plush Dog Toy

luxury dog toysThis cute plush toy will take your dog on a magical adventure! The toy sports an adorable unicorn face and body covered in super soft white faux fur, complete with a horn, rainbow hooves and a main. The toy holds a rubberized textured ball with a squeaker for some extra fun!

There’s More!

There’s even more luxury dog toys available at our store, allowing so many opportunities to give your dog the hours of endless fun playtime they deserve!

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