Luxury Dog Treats to Spoil Your Dog

by Reena Bakir
luxury dog treats

Treat your dog to the mouth-watering snacks they deserve! These luxury dog treats are not only delicious to the taste, but are also full of nutrients to keep your dog healthy! Whether you’re using these treats as rewards for training, celebratory foods for important occasions, or small nibbles for a change of taste, they’re bound to keep your dog satisfied!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we have a wide range of Luxury dog treats. Savory or sweet, we have what you need! Read on to find out more about our top choices!

Multipack Dog Biscuits by Murphy’s Bakery

luxury dog treatsThis multipack of luscious treats by Murphy’s Bakery gives your dog everything their taste buds desire! Featuring flavors such as Beef and Chedder, Carrot and Banana, Apple and Oat and Peanut Butter and Banana, each of these biscuits pack is high in proteins, nutrients and natural ingredients, making for a great healthy treat! Whether you’d like to incorporate them as cheat snacks in between meals or as rewards for obedience, these treats are perfect for the job!

Natural 100% Venison Luxury Dog Treats by Billy and Margot

luxury dog treatsFreshly baked in the UK, these luxury dog treats by Billy + Margot are made from 100% air-dried venison meat, guaranteed to satisfy any hungry pup. Perfect for use within a balanced diet or as a reward for good behavior and throughout training, these treats are hypoallergenic and high in protein, making them the perfect healthy snack.

Doggy Doughnuts Dog Treats

luxury dog treats12 Delicious Doggy Doughnuts packaged just for your special dog! Made from tasty dog-friendly ingredients and coloring, these doughnut-shaped biscuits are made from natural peanut butter and are then dipped in yummy yogurt or carob before finally being decorated with desiccated coconut or swirled yogurt. They also contain rolled oats, which is a high source of protein and carbohydrates. While it may look super sweet, there is no added sugar to these biscuits, and all ingredients are natural!

Christmas Doggy Cookie Selection Box

luxury dog treat selection boxThe best treats for the holidays, these Christmas doggy biscuits make the perfect stockings filler for your dog! The cookies come in a range of festive shapes and designs, including a Christmas tree, Christmas pudding, bone, star, donuts, and the iconic Gingerbread Man. These freshly baked cookies are made from delicious dog-safe ingredients and are ideal gifts for Christmas, so make sure you order them soon!

Gourmet Liver Sausage by Murphy’s Bakery

luxury dog treatsThis top grade Gourmet liver and chicken sausages are made from 70% meat and contain only human-grade materials, giving your dog the quality of food they deserve! They are made from the best quality British meats, and are full to the brim with wholesome goodness for your pet’s wellbeing!

There’s More!

There’s a wide range of tasty luxury dog treats to spoil your dog with, so make sure you check out the entire collection and pamper your pooch this upcoming Christmas season!

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