Luxury Grey Dog Accessories

by Reena Bakir
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Perfect for the winter mood, these luxury grey dog accessories are just what your dog needs to complete their January outfits!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we have a wide range of fabulous grey dog accessories coming in a range of designer collars, warm and cuddly coats, cable-knit sweaters, funky bandanas and more!

Read on to find out our best picks!

Grey Tweed Dog Coat by Sotnos

grey dog accessories

Perfect for city dogs that love a walk in the rain, this grey tweed dog coat exudes luxury and opulence! Have your dog looking like the most dapper pup in the park with this designer coat, made from high quality tweed. Pair your coat up with a matching hat and add a little bow-tie to complete your dog’s Sherlock Holme’s inspired look! The coat is available in 5 sizes.

Grey Shaggy Pet Blanket

grey dog accessories shaggy blanket

Just the soft and deluxe blanket your pet needs to have a wonderful winter! The ultimate blanket for your dog, it is shaggy on both sides to take comfort and cosines to the extreme. You’ll definitely want to share this beautiful blanket with your pup!

Bowl and Bone Grey Yeti Dog Harness

grey dog accessories harness

Walk your dog in luxury in this Bowl and Bone harness, made from luxury faux suede and designed especially with your dog’s comfort in mind! Ideal for the colder months, the harness is lined with super soft warm faux fur material, guaranteeing that your dog is snug and comfy wherever they go. It comes with fully adjustable straps and is available in six different sizes, making it perfect for dogs of all breeds and shapes.

Grey Star Personalized Dog Bandana

grey dog accessories personalized bandana

Get your dog a special gift they’ll love and wear forever! The grey bandana features a fun print of white stars, and can be personalized with your pet’s name to make it uniquely theirs! It is suitable for both puppies and bigger dogs, and is entirely handmade in the UK. It can be found in 2 sizes, for small/medium dogs and medium/large, and can be adjusted to fit tightly and comfortably around your dog’s neck.

Grey Cable Knit Dog Hoody by House of Paws

grey dog accessories hoody

The easy to fit jumper is a guarantee for absolute comfort! Coming full with back leg straps, you can also personalize the hoody to come with a fleeced hood as well as a faux fur pom pom, making it all the more adorable! It comes in five sizes ranging from x small to x large, making sure your dog will be cute and comfy no matter how big they get.

There’s More!

There’s an even wider range of grey dog accessories available at our store, so don’t miss out on finding the ideal grey fit for your adorable little pup!

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