Luxury Labrador Dog Coats

by Reena Bakir
labrador dog coat

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds to have as pets, due to their even-tempered and friendly personalities. Also popular as a sniffing and guide dog, this breed is accomplished in athleticism, exercise and strength. Due to the often active lifestyles Labrador dogs lead, Labrador dog coats are a great addition to this canine’s wardrobe, as it not only manages to keep them warm during the colder months but can also keep them clean and dry on their adventures!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we offer a wide range of Labrador products catered to the breed itself, including a selection of luxury Labrador dog coats. Check out our Labrador breed page for the full selection, and read more to check out our favorite picks!

Ruff and Tumble Country Collection Dog Drying Coat Bottle Green

labrador dog coatsThe perfect coat for drying a wet Lab after an adventure in the outdoors, this Ruff and Tumble Bottle Green Drying Coat is part of the luxurious Country Collection. Essential for the colder wet months or wet adventures with dogs that love to get muddy. Made from double thickness high quality cotton toweling and a faux leather trim, this coat is created for warmth and style! This Labrador dog coat can easily be put on and taken off, and comes in a wide range of sizes to fit all dog breeds.

The Ultimate 2 in 1 Hi-Viz Waterproof Dog Coat

Labrador dog coatsThis highly functional and convenient hi-vis and waterproof dog coat by Danish Design is perfect for a dog walk in the wet, dark condition of the colder months. With its innovative concept, the coat provides adaptability for any type of weather, featuring a removable fleece lining to keep your dog warm during winter or to remove for a more lightweight and breathable coat during warmer months of the year. Coming in a bright yellow high visibility fabric with light reflective beading and straps for night safety, this coat is ideal for evening and night walks with your Labrador!

Dog Drying Coat Sandrigham Blue

labrador dog coats

Designed to keep big dogs dry and warm, this dog coat by Ruff and Tumble is perfect for active and working dogs that get themselves into muddy and wet situations! Made from high quality thick cotton toweling, the coat will save you time on back breaking towel drying and cleaning! The coat can even be personalized with your dog’s special name in embroidery, making it unique to your canine! It comes in a range of sizes with an adjustable belly flap to ensure a perfect fit.

Ancol Stormguard Fleece Lined Dog Coat

labrador dog coatsThis luxury Labrador dog coat is created for safety and comfort. The Ancol Stormguard coat features a durable nylon material with reflective edges, making it long lasting and great for late walks. The coat helps to keep your dog dry and warm, especially when walking through the wilderness to explore. It is fleece-lined for extra warmth, and comes in five sizes, making it a perfect fit on your Lab!

Looking for more?

Looking for more luxurious Labrador dog coats and products for your precious canine? Make sure you visit the Labrador breed page and find the perfect gifts for your pet!

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