Luxury Posh Dog Bowls For Every Dog Lover

by Reena Bakir
posh dow bowls

Your dog deserves to dine in luxury, and what better way to dine than with these designer posh dog bowls made for every pampered canine to love and adore! Some of these ceramic bowls are exclusively made for Chelsea Dogs, and not only are all of these great designs handmade to order, but many can also be personalised with your dog’s name, making them all the more special!

Here’s a list of some of our favourite posh dog bowls, with many more designs and styles available at our store here.

Bowl and Bone Grey Grande Posh Dog Bowls

posh dog feeder

Serve your dog in style with these simply stunning Bowl and Bone Republic’s classic pet feeder. Made from solid beech with is painted by hand for each individual product, this luxury dog feeder looks fabulous and simple and blends in with any home decor. The feeder comes with removable metal bowls, making it easy to clean and maintain it’s high-quality appearance.

FuzzYard Pop Easy Feeder Dog Bowl

luxury dog bowls

Pop some food into this colourful and fun bowl! With its cool multi-coloured triangles design, this easy feeder is simple and stylish. The bowls are made of tough BPA-free melanin and feature a removable stainless steel insert, making it easy to clean after your dog’s dinner time! The bowls also come with rubber soles to avoid movement when your dog is eating and drinking!

Personalised Ceramic Slanted Spotty Dog Bowls

posh dog bowls


No more messy dinners with these stylish handmade Spaniel bowls! The smart shape of this bowl is perfect to avoid spillage of food and to stop your dog’s ears from slipping into their meals. With the adorable dotted design, this unique bowl makes for the cutest dining experience. You can also personalise this bowl by adding your dog’s name to it!

Mutts and Hounds Sage Green Ceramic Dog Bowl


ceramic dog bowls

This luxury dog bowl from Mutts and Hounds will elevate your dog’s dining experience while simultaneously blending into the kitchens and furniture around the house. With the beautiful smooth ceramic finish in a pale sage green glaze, you will keep your dog feeling refreshed and fabulous with these bowls! The bowls come in small and large sizes, making them appropriate for any canine!

Cream Country Kitchen Dog Bowl

posh dog bowls

This fancy cream country dog bowl from House of Paws has a simple design featuring the word ‘DOG’ on a smooth cream background. It comes with a removable steel insert, making it easy to clean and change contents! The modern and stylish design of this bowl makes it a canine-favourite, and your dog will be drooling to take a bite out of this posh bowl! The bowl also comes in black here.

Personalised Reserved For Large White Pet Bowl

posh dog bowls personalised

‘Reserve’ a special bowl for your canine friend with this luxury ceramic white pet bowl. Perfect for a big dog’s food or water, this bowl can become your dog’s favourite plate to chew from with their name printed right across, reminding everyone else in the house not to touch their sweet treats! The bowl can also come in a smaller size here.

¬†There’s More

Still looking for more designer posh bowls for your fancy friend? Take a look at the complete selection we offer here at Chelsea Dogs!



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