Luxury Puppy Blankets

by Reena Bakir
puppy blankets

We all know how much our pups love to snuggle up, and what better way to stay warm and cosy than with these adorable puppy blankets made especially to keep your pup’s happy and snug! Blankets are the best alternative to bulky beds, as they are easily moveable and can be put anywhere in your house to enjoy! Our range of luxury puppy blankets and throws are an excellent addition to any home, keeping your sofas and chairs hair-free while your pup can rest peacefully.

Here at Chelsea Dogs, most of our puppy blankets and throws are hand-made to perfection right here in England, offering only the best quality selection for your pup! Check out our wide selection at our store here.

Pink Shaggy Pet Blanket

pink puppy blanket
This incredibly soft and luxurious pink shaggy pet blanket is perfect for any pampered pup who just loves to get snuggly in bed! The blanket is shaggy on both sides, taking comfort and cosiness to the extreme! The blanket can come in three sizes, and is available in a range of other colours, allowing you to choose the best one for your little friend!

Minkeys Tweed Polo Blue Tweed Dog Blanketblue puppy blanket

This luxury dog blanket from Minkeys Tweed comes in an adorable RAF blue base with turquoise and violet overchecks. It is made from the best quality Pure Yorkshire tweed and backed with soft sherpa fleece to give your dog ultimate comfort and softness. This blanket can also be rolled up as a stylish travel blanket to make taking your dog with you that much easier.

Luxury Personalised Pet Blanketpersonalised puppy blankets

Make your dog’s blanket all the more special by personalising it especially for them! These personality puppy blankets come in a range of colours and designs, and can be customised to feature your pup’s name! Not only are they adorable, but these soft fleece blankets are also super cosy and keep your dog feeling snug and comfortable.

Luxury Faux Fur Dog Blanket Koala

luxury puppy blanketsThis Koala blanket comes in a stunning silky glossy faux fur tipped in white with a soft taupe/ creamy latte undercoat, giving it an authentic feel. These blankets act as perfect throws for your pup with their silky soft touch, providing ultimate comfort while sleeping in luxury. The blankets can also come in a range of other natural colour to suit your taste and home decor.

The Lounging Hound Waterproof Wool Throw Flamingo

luxury pet blanketsThis Flamingo throw blanket is made from luxury pure wool with a water-resistant microsuede reverse, designed for ultimate luxury and functionality. This blanket comes in a soft pink, green and grey checked print, making it a luxurious pick for any pup! This blanket is perfect for covering a couch and allowing your puppy to snuggle right there beside you, while also keeping the couch clean from any saliva or other wetness your dog might carry on their paws!

Looking for More?

If you are still looking for more adorable and luxurious puppy blankets and throws to buy for your adorable canine friend, check out the entire selection of high-quality puppy blankets featured at our store!

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