Luxury Tweed Dog Blankets

by Reena Bakir
luxury tweed dog blankets

What better way to keep your dog cosy and cuddled up for a good night’s sleep than one of these wonderful tweed dog blankets? Made from thick, genuine woolen tweed, these blankets exude natural tweed elegance and style while simultaneously giving your canine a warm place to rest their head!

Coming in a range of designs, our tweed dog blankets combine the traditional craftsmanship of tweed with contemporary colors and styles, making them luxurious statement pieces for your home! Whether you’re looking for a blanket for your dog’s crate, or simply a throw to give your dog a place to rest on the couch, these tweed dog blankets are bound to satisfy!

Make sure you check out our full collection of tweed dog blankets, as well as the variety of blankets and throws available at our store.

Minkeys Tweed Belle Tweed Dog Blanket

tweed dog blankets This luxurious dog blanket by Minkeys Tweed features a fabulous warm beige tweed with a green tone offset and khaki green check as well as a touch of purple fine lines. The blanket is made from the highest quality tweed, and and is backed with Sherpa fleece for extreme comfort and satisfaction. It is entirely handmade in the UK, and is the perfect alternative to a bulky bed, as the blanket can be easily rolled up and taken with you anywhere!

Ascot Sherpa Wool Pet Blanket by Ralph and Co

sherpa  tweed dog blanketsThis practical reversible travel blanket features a beautiful black and grey mix tweed design on super comfortable upholstery fabric and a warm Sherpa wool! Not only is this blanket tailored to  your dog’s comfort, but it can also protect your floors and furniture for muddy paws or wet fur, keeping your house sparkling clean. This highly durable blanket is padded for added comfort no matter where it’s placed, and acts as a stylish addition to any home!

Minkeys Tweed Frisbee Red Tweed Dog Blanket

minkeys tweed dog blanketsIn its striking Frisbee Red design, this tweed dog blanket features a rich red base with a subtle and fine beige over-check. The blanket is manufactured from the best quality pure Yorkshire tweed in the UK, making it durable and luxurious, and is also backed onto soft Sherpa fleece for the best comfort for your resting pet! It is available in five sizes, allowing all dogs from the smallest to the largest to enjoy a good sleep on this luxurious tweed blanket.

Minkeys Tweed Barnaby Tweed Dog Blanket

 Barnaby Tweed Dog Blankets

With earthy colors that are suited to any cosy home environment, this Barnaby tweed dog blanket comes in warm brown tweed for a base and a subtle purple over-check design. The blanket is handmade in the UK from the highest quality tweed fabrics, and is backed onto soft Sherpa fleece for a perfect place to sleep.

There’s More!

There’s a wide range of tweed dog blankets designs, colors and styles available at our store, so make sure you check out the full collection and find the perfect blanket for your sleeping pet!

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