Luxury Whippet Beds

by Reena Bakir
whippet beds

Similar to their larger Greyhound relatives, Whippets are fast athletic canines with a shy and gentle demeanor. While this breed may love nothing more than to exercise and run for kilometers, they don’t mind spending a day at home laying around on their beds and sleeping the day away. These luxurious Whippet beds are the perfect place for your canine to rest their head for a long, comfortable sleep!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we have a selection of special products such as collars, beds and harnesses made specifically for this specific breed. Check out our store here for the full selection of Whippet products, including luxurious whippet beds!

Fairisle Range Pebble Deep Duvet Dog Bed by Danish Design

This stylish Fairisle Range deep duvet bed by Danish Design comes in a beautiful pebble print guaranteed to add fun to any home environment! The Pebble print is a collection of blues and greys with a highlight of red, making it fun and stylish! This bed is comfortable and warm due to the deep double duvet designed to keep your dog cosy while asleep. The bed comes in two sizes, medium and large, both ideal for whippet dogs.

Mutts and Hounds Luxury Linen Bones Pillow Dog Beds

whippet beds

These luxurious bones print linen bones dog beds by Mutts and Hounds are a perfect addition to your house! Coming in medium and large sizes, these are ideal whippet beds created for style and comfort. With their simply yet fashionable print, the beds come in three different colors: Sage, Mushroom or Heather Bones, which each bed handmade to order! Add one of these adorable pillow to your dog’s bed, to sofas around the house or simply laid out as a bed on their own!

Bobble Range Damson Deep Duvet Dog Red by Danish Design

whippet bedsThis exquisite Bobble Range Damson bed by Danish Design is designed for ultimate comfort. This stylish and lavish bed is made from cable-knit range which is perfect for a cosy night! This snug Damson bed is made from Sherpa fleece and faux suede, and can also come in Soft Pewter design or a Warm Oatmeal in a textured print. It comes in in two sizes, and guarantees comfort for all dogs!

Tan Memory Foam Mattress with Faux Sheepskin Topper by House of Paws

whippet bedsMade from high quality Memory Foam, this bed contours to your dog’s body as they sleep to provide the perfect pressure and form for your canine! This memory foam bed is ideal for elderly dogs or those with arthritis, as it is made to add support to joints, and self regulate heat. The bed comes in two sizes, small/medium and large/xlarge, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your canine!

Still looking for more?

Still looking for more whippet beds created specifically to keep your canine happy? Check out our Whippets page at our store here, where you’ll find a range of products created to cater to your pet! From toys, to beds, collars and more, find the best gifts for your Whippet!

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