Luxury Whippet Collars

by Reena Bakir
whippet collars

This gentle breed exudes elegance in all of their aspects from their sweet personality to charismatic built. Resembling the shape of small Greyhounds, this sight-hound is full to the brim with soft liveliness and friendliness, and are known for their agility and ability to run long distances at incredible speeds. Therefore, the accessories that your Whippet wears should reflect their stylish shape as well as their swiftness! These whippet collars are the perfect products to showcase all the beautiful assets of this breed!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we offer a selection of unique and luxurious whippet collars, along with a range of other accessories made specifically with the breed in mind! Take a look at our store here and choose your favorite designer whipper collars for your special dog!

Hiro and Wolf Totem Hound Collar

leather whippet collarsHandmade from a thick, vegetable-tanned leather, these whippet collars are created specifically for small and large breeds of hounds with their special ‘fishtail’ design that ensures they won’t slip off the breed’s slim heads and guaranteed protection for their delicate windpipes! The unique circle cut-out design reveals a funky and stylish turquoise and pink design that’ll make any dog look cool! These collars are hand washable and come in three sizes to ensure perfect fit on all hounds!

Dogs & Horses Luxury Leather Hound Collar Blue

blue whippet collarThese stunning leather collars are designed and crafted to be perfect on long-neck breeds such as whippets and greyhounds! Mixing traditional leather with a twist, and sporting their beautiful contemporary design, these luxury leather whippet collars are made from the highest quality soft leather, and are lined with a striking blue color! The collar is also available in four other colors: red, green, pink and orange!

Inca Pink Hound Collar by Hiro And Wolf

pink whippet and hound collar

With its traditional yet funky design, this leather whippet collar sports a luxurious soft brown leather color and features distinctive circle cut-out shapes which expose the beautiful Inca designed fabric woven in Bolivia! With their high quality buckles and D rings, the collars are secured by two rivets making them the perfect product for strong hound dogs!

Hiro and Wolf Safari Grey Hound Collar

designer whippet collarsHandmade from dark green vegetable tanned leather, this durable whippet collar is designed to withstand the strength and agility of this energetic breed! With its fishtail design, the collar is ensured to provide comfort to your hound’s neck as well as security by eliminating the chances of slipping off! This collar features a fun safari design comprised of striking green and yellow colors, creating a perfect mix with the dark and traditional leather! The collar should be hand washed and left to dry to preserve quality!

Looking for more?

Looking for more luxurious collars to style up your whippet and make them look like the coolest dog on the block? Visit our Whippets page and take a look through the collars created especially with this breed in mind, as well as other stylish products that may take your interest such as coats or beds!

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