Luxury Wicker Dog Beds

by Reena Bakir
wicker dog beds

Not only are they stylish and adaptable to the furniture and aesthetic of any space they’re put in, but wicker dog beds also provide a comfortable and safe place for your canine friend to rest their head! Whether your dog is tired of basic beds and mattresses or for orthopaedic reasons, getting a unique wicker dog bed made from the highest quality materials and supported by the most comfortable cushions is guaranteed to make your dog’s beauty sleep all the more enjoyable!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we have some of the finest and most high-quality wicker dog beds on the market! You can find the selection at our store here.

We’ve also compiled a list below of some of our best wicker dog beds picks!

Luxury Orthopaedic Arena Wicker Dog Bed

wicker dog beds

This luxurious arena wicker bed by Pet Interiors is not only stylish and adaptable to any home decor, but it is also practical, functional and comfortable for your dog! With its orthopaedic cushion with high-quality filling specifically optimized for pets, this bed is designed to be elastic, long lasting and hard wearing while ensuring your dog’s comfort while they sleep. The wicker basket itself is treated with eco-friendly water varnish after it is braided in order to sustain the braiding’s stability and ensure durability!

Wicker Dog Bed With Brown Tweed Cushion

raised wicker dog basket

This luxurious basket is hand-woven to perfection! With it’s exceptionally well finish and high durability basket and cushions, this bed gives your dog a fabulous place to sleep! The basket’s cushions come in a beautiful brown tweed with a removable fleece cover to make washing and maintenance as easy as possible. The basket comes in four different sizes, each with its own special design to allow you to choose the perfect one for your canine, based on their size and preference.

Orthopaedic Siro Twist Dog Basket

stylish wicker dog bed

This eco-friendly fabulous dog basket is made from the highest-quality orthopaedic cushions which invite relaxation and a good night’s rest! The comfy cushions mold to your pet’s shape as they sleep, ensuring comfort and support for their bodies! Made from durable material, the basket is guaranteed to withstand time and wear while simultaneously offering your dog the comfort they need!

Wicker Bowl Dog Basket

wicker dog bed

Treated with eco-friendly varnish and sporting a high-quality finish, this wicker bowl dog bed comes full with a comfortable orthopaedic pillow to support your dog while they sleep. The basket comes full with a laminated wood panel base to add support to the bed and ensure durability. With a choice of four cover colors, each pillow cover is made from warming brushed wool fleece and can be removed and machine washed to maintain cleanliness and quality!

Looking for more?

Looking for more fancy wicker dog beds to pamper your pooch and make their nap time even more enjoyable? Take a look at our full selection of wicker dog beds at our store here, or visit our entire collection of luxury dog beds coming in a range of designs, styles and functions to suit any sleepy canine!

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