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by Reena Bakir

The epitome of cuteness, the Maltipoo is a dog with a face that never ages! The breed is loved for its puppy-like features, which it often retains well into their teen and adult years!


Although not widely recognized as a breed, the Maltipoo is a Maltese and Poodle mix, known for its bubbly and outgoing personality and adorable features. Considered more of a hybrid than a designer breed, these dogs were originally bred to be loyal and affectionate lapdogs; and have definitely lived up to that expectation!

Physical Appearance

 maltipoo appearance

As is the case with most crossbreeds, predicting the appearance of individuals of a litter may be tricky, as the pups can express different variations of the characteristic of the parents breeds.

Size: In terms of their size, they are often bred in three main size categories: Teacup, Tiny Toy and Toy. Depending on this, they can stand anywhere between 20cm – 35cm in height, and weigh 2kg – 5kg.

Coat: Coat colors vary greatly based on the variations passed on by parent breeds. Maltipoos can exhibit coat colours with a variety of colors, including white, black, brown, cream, grey and fawn. Coat texture varies between soft and scruffy like a Maltese to curly like a Poodle.


With a personality of gold, the Maltipoo is family-oriented and gets along perfectly with pets and people – even strangers! Puppies are playful and energetic, with a little bit of this mischievous personality making its way into adulthood.

Maltipoos can sometimes be yappy and excitable barkers, making them great watchdogs.

It should be noted, however, that a puppy’s personality depends largely on the temperament of its parents. Therefore, its always recommended to choose reliable and experienced breeders.

Exercise and Training

maltipoo training and excercise

A fairly active dog that doesn’t exhibit high energy levels, the Maltipoo can be greatly accustomed to apartment life with consistent daily exercise and walks. Maltipoos love fun activities or ones that test their agility, making fetch and ball games their sport of choice!

They are easy to train with the proper use of positive reinforcement, consistent playtime as well as obedience exercises. Many of these dogs can even be trained to take part in agility competitions and dog shows!

Care and Grooming

Maintenance and grooming will vary depending on the type of coat your puppy has. Daily brushing is recommended for all coat types to keep the soft fur from forming knots or clumping up. Shedding is considerably low with this breed, and your dog may need occasional trimming to keep their fut tidy and neat.

Bathing a Maltipoo at least once a month with specialized conditioners and shampoos is essential due to the nature of their soft, wavy fur.

Remember, your Maltipoo will be a combination of traits and characteristics taken from their parents. Knowing your breeders and trusting them is essential to not end up with a dog that is poorly bred!

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