May The Fourth Be Woof You

by Alessia

I’m not a Star Wars fan (to be honest, I’ve never seen it so don’t judge me!), but I know that May 4 is a huge day for Star Wars lovers because of the famous line “may the force be with you” (May the fourth, get it?! Clever). But anywho, I am a huge fan (read: extremely passionate fan) of dogs dressed up in funny costumes and in silly videos, so on this glorious May 4 please enjoy a series of Star Wars related puppy photos and a cheesy doggie jedi lightsaber video created by someone with entirely too much time on their hands. Go now, and may the fourth be woof you (I’m making that V shape with my hands that people do…is that not right? I don’t know.)

I’m not even sure what this is, but it looks extremely uncomfortable.

These two are in the same costume but I can’t decide if I prefer the goofy looking one or the one who looks like a little gremlin.



It’s amazing what a little hairspray can do.

Darth Tiny.


I just feel like if this little guy could speak, his voice would come out sounding less like Darth Vader and more like The Godfather.

I have a feeling this is less for Star Wars fans and more for fans interested in death by cuteness.

His concerned expression tells me battle is approaching. Or he has to poop.

In a line up of Darth Vader’s I would fear this wrinkly face being my father the most.

The most ladylike princess of them all.

And this here is just the first guy again trying to escape this horrible fate. My prayers are with you, dude.

Alessia xx

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