Memory Foam and Orthopaedic Dog Beds

by Chelsea Dogs

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Your dog deserves to be able to sleep in absolute comfort. Dog beds deliver the ability to stay comfortable while your dog is sleeping, but you may want to elevate this comfort to the next level. This is when you might want to consider everything that memory foam can do to help your dog feel as comfortable as possible while sleeping. These beds not only provide your dog with the ability to stay off of the floor, but also provide the ability to conform to the unique shape of your dog so they will toss and turn less as they nap.

Choosing the right bed for your dog will take a little effort on your part. This is more than just making sure that the bed is big enough for your dog to feel comfortable. You will also need to consider whether your dog would rather just have a pillow on the floor, a basket to sleep in or something truly artful. The bed you choose will surely allow your furry little buddy to sleep happily and comfortably.

The Pillow Bed


One of the most popular kinds of bed to purchase is the bed that is little more than just a pillow on the floor. Providing one with memory foam in it will allow your dog to feel completely comfortable as it is sleeping. The Luxury Paul Faux Leather Memory Foam Dog Bed provides a broad space to allow your dog to simply flop down on the surface and be completely comfortable. It is the perfect bed for the kinds of dogs that will want to jump up from their bed throughout the day. Simply toss it in a corner or pop it on the floor and your dog will find it easily.

The Basket Bed


Baskets are a great addition to any space. They look perfect and provide more than just a pillow for your puppy to sleep on. They will be able to appreciate the lip of the basket for resting their head on when just relaxing on the bed. The Luxury Leather Orthopaedic Bowl Dog Bed is a perfect example of how you can purchase a basket that will fit in well with just about any kind of space. This will go great whether you have timber flooring or carpet in your home. It is also the perfect addition to a home that has leather furniture.

Artful Beds You Will Appreciate


If your flat or home is more modern, you might be looking for a bed that will match the look and feel of the home you have created. A simple cushion will not do. You will want to look into something that will provide you with a splash of art in your home. The Luxury Orthopaedic Starlet Felt Dog Bed is a perfect example of how you will be able to get a dog bed that looks as modern as your home. The leaves that extend out from the edges will also provide your dog with more places to rest their head while relaxing.

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