Memory Foam Dog Beds

by Chelsea Dogs

Memory foam dog beds are perfect for elderly dogs or dogs that experience pain, aches or discomfort, as they provide the ultimate comfort and support for your dog’s body. With mattresses and pillows made with special fillings and material which is dedicated to contour around your dog’s body, memory foam dog beds are guaranteed to give your dog the nights of comfortable sleep that they deserve.

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we have a selection of luxury memory foam dog beds coming in a range of styles and designs from luxury leather dog beds to felt baskets with memory foam cushions! All memory foam products are available at our store here.

Luxury Mila Faux Leather Dog Bed

Luxury Mila Faux Leather Dog Bed

This luxury Mila Faux leather dog bed features high quality memory foam filling perfect for dogs of all breeds and ages a tough indestructible steel frame inside covered by a firmly padded durable faux leather. Coming in a variation of bold and bright colors, the cushions of this bed are covered in a soft fleece fabric for a cosy and warm sleep. This bed would fit perfectly as a piece of furniture in your home as well as a comfortable and unique dog bed built specifically for your dog’s comfort!

Luxury Orthopaedic Divan Due Dog Blanket Bed

Luxury Orthopaedic Divan Due Dog Blanket Bed

Functioning as both a comfy bed and a blanket, this bed provides the perfect place for your pet to curl up for a good night’s sleep! The memory foam bed is filled with durable high quality latex filling, designed specifically to adapt to the outline and shape of your dog’s body. The bed can maintain its shape and stability for a long time due to its high density, thus perfectly molding to the individual shape of your dog! With its soft fleece outer cover, the bed provides warmth and satisfaction!

Waterproof Memory Foam Dog Sofa Bed Grey

This functional and fashionable memory foam dog bed contains a removable water-resistant liner, making it entirely waterproof and perfect for dogs that like to nap after a wet walk or a nice bath! The sofa bed also comes with an orthopaedic mattress which is durable, and double protection for ultimate high quality.

Luxury Divan Quattro Orthopaedic Dog Bed

Luxury Divan Quattro Orthopaedic Dog Bed

Combining simple elegance with extraordinary comfort, this luxury Divan Quattro orthopaedic dog bed is made specifically to adapt to your dog’s shape as they sleep, providing maximum satisfaction. The cushion is filled with high quality latex filling which is permanently elastic, stable and hard-wearing, making it the perfect orthopaedic dog bed!

There’s More

If you are still searching for the perfect orthopaedic and memory foam dog bed for your special dog, take a look at the collection available at our store here and choose from the range of colors, designs and styles available!

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