Merry Christmas from the White House

by Alessia

The Obamas have sent out their annual Christmas card from the White House, and this year the pop up design card features not only Bo, but Sunny, the newest addition to the White House as of August. Now that the Obamas have welcomed another Portuguese Waterdog into their family, their Christmas card reflects the happy change in the family. I’m a little bit jealous that I didn’t personally receive one of these cards, but hey, I didn’t send them one with my adorable, furry face on it either.  Paw for paw there I guess. This is the 2013 Obama Christmas card featuring Bo and Sunny, and signed by every member of the Obama family:


And don’t forget about last year’s amazing paint replication of Bo in front of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue:

Don’t you kind of feel like you got this in the mail now? Not really? Well, Merry Christmas anyway, from the Obamas.


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