METRO Bank: Dog friendly banking

by Bronwyn Hall

If you are a dog-lover and you haven’t heard of Metro Bank, you soon will. Well, right now actually.

Hailed as the ‘dog friendly bank’, Metro is the first new High Street bank in over 100 years. They were granted their full service banking licence by the FSA back in 2010 and now have 34 stores across the South West.

Metro Bank

Metro Bank

Anyway, enough of the boring stuff! How are they dog friendly, I hear you ask!? Well, Metro Bank has something that they call the ‘Dogs Rule‘ and their website says that they ‘actively welcome dogs into [the] bank.’ Not only that, but once inside they have fresh water bowls and a selection of dog treats for your four legged friend! Oh, and have I mentioned the branded dog bandanas….? I have never had a better reason to go to the bank.

Metro Bank

Metro Bank


However, Metro Bank aren’t just all treats and no action! Au contraire – they now refund new and existing customers when they rehome a dog (or cat!) from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. Yes indeedy; if you can provide them  with the receipt, a voucher from the BDC Home and have a Metro Bank account with a minimum credit of £100, then they will refund you up to £105 for rehoming a dog and up to £65 for rehoming a cat!

Dog friendly banking indeed.

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