Minkeys Tweed – Fashionable Wear for Ladies, Hounds and Horses

by Reena Bakir
minkeys tweed

A British business featuring country couture designs for ladies, hounds and horses, Minkeys Tweed produces fashionable handmade tweed wear from the finest British wool!

Minkeys Tweed are a brand devoted to creating only the highest quality clothes and accessories to suit any modish pup! If you are looking to invest in a genuine brand who are committed to creating products of the best calibre while maintaining their own stylish trend, Minkeys Tweed are the brand you need!

About Minkeys Tweed

Originally founded in February 2012, the company built itself upon a dedication to producing fashionable and luxurious products from only the finest Scottish and Yorkshire wool. Initially, their mission was to produce handmade tweed wear for hounds from the highest quality British wool tweed available. Specializing in sighthound wear, their first collection was created especially for sighthounds as other products on the market did not seem to entirely fit or compliment the elegant shape of the breed.

Starting with clothing designed especially for greyhounds and whippets, their range of breeds has only continued to grow since their launch and now includes tweed coats and products for all dog breeds. Their newest collections are now not only targetting hounds but are also being made for ladies and horses as well!

How it’s made

minkeys tweed dogs

Designed to incorporate British heritage and dedicated to their support of British business, all material is sourced from traditional working mills in Scotland and Yorkshire. All of their tweed products are designed and handmade in Great Britain and have the fantastic quality and carry the true aesthetic and value of traditional British tweed with the highest quality finish and look. The products remain modern and trendy with the use of secondary fabric which makes them unique to the Minkeys Tweed label.

Greyhound and Whippet Coats

Since the brand initially targetted their products for greyhounds and whippets, they have a wide range of coats and clothing adhering specifically to accentuating the shape and form of these majestic sighthounds. Here’s a list of some of their coats created specifically for sighthounds!

Minkeys Tweed Liberty Greyhound and Whippet CoatMinkeys Tweed Greyhound Coat
Crafted from a beautiful deep blue tweed with lighter tones and lined with a soft fleece, the Minkeys Tweed Liberty coat is designed especially for sighthounds to keep them warm while simultaneously complimenting their beautiful form! Made from pure Yorkshire tweed, the coat is created for ultimate comfort and warmth and comes in a range of sizes to fit whippets and greyhounds of all sizes!

Minkeys Tweed Barnaby Greyhound and Whippet CoatBarnaby Tweed Coat For Greyhounds by Minkeys Tweed

This luxurious coat is made from a warm light tan / brown check tweed with a burgundy thin overcheck. The Barnaby hound coat is lined with a soft fleece for ultimate comfort, and also comes with your choice of collars, a sherpa oatmeal fleece or a luxurious faux fur trim. The belt is also customizable, and you have the choice of sticking with the traditional design or standing out from the crowd with a fun polka dot print belt!

Coats for All Dog Breeds

Since the brand has developed and expanded its target market, they now create luxury coats for dogs of all breeds and sizes!

Minkeys Tweed Darcy Tweed Coat

luxury blue tweed dog coatCrafted from a blue-grey tweed with a beige and brown overcheck, this luxurious coat will make any dog feel stylish and fashionable. The coat is also lined with a soft fleece to provide your dog with the comfort and warm they need. the coat comes with your choice of either a matching tweed belt to complete the look, or a belt with a contrasting print to add a fun twist!


Not only are Minkeys Tweed known for their luxurious designer coats, but they also design high-quality comfortable blankets for dogs of all breeds!

Minkeys Tweed Sasha Tweed Dog Blanketluxury tweed pet blanket

This luxurious and comfortable blanket in Sasha tweed features a purple/pink coloured base with a beige and turquoise checkered top design. Made from the best quality tweed and backed with a soft sherpa fleece inside, the blanket is designed for maximum comfort and satisfaction!

Want More Minkeys Tweed?

You can also check out the range of Minkeys Tweed products available here at Chelsea Dogs!

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