Missing your dog whilst away from them

by Amy Cooper
Dreaming dog

I personally have a lot of experience with missing my dogs. I’m currently a uni student and am too far away from home to visit my fur babies. This is definitely one of the worst parts of being at uni! You don’t realise quite how much you will miss them until you can’t see them. So here are a few things I suggest doing to feel better when missing your dog!

Face time (or equivalent) your dog!

This one is a game changer. Trust me it will make your day when your dog realises it can hear your voice and does the cutest head tilt. Even if your dog doesn’t realise it’s you in the screen being able to see them real time is simply the best!

Go on a walk

Chances are if you go on a walk you will see other dogs. If you’re lucky you will also be able to fuss some dogs. But, obviously don’t fuss or stroke any without the owner’s permission. But just being able to see a dog loving life helps!

Volunteer with dogs

If you are able to, volunteer with dogs. This means that you can look forward to being able to spend time with dogs regularly. But even if you can’t volunteer with dogs just volunteer with any animals. Any sort of animal interaction will help to distract you from the gaping hole in your heart left by your dog. 

Puppy videos

Trawl through the internet or YouTube and watch endless puppy videos or funny dog compilations. Obviously, this isn’t the same as seeing your own dog. But, if nothing else, it will put a smile on your face.


Decorate your room with a plethora of photos of your dog! So, if if you’re missing them you can look at all the photos and be reminded of all the happy memories together. Or get your parents or whoever is with your dog to send you photos of your dog, so you feel like you’re seeing them.

 On a more serious note dogs are proven to help with mental health and stroking them releases serotonin and dopamine (the happy hormones). This is why we miss them so much! So, don’t beat yourself up if you find it incredibly hard being away from your dog. Hopefully this blog will help, even just a little bit, if you’re missing your dog.  

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