Most Adorable High Quality Dog Toys

by Reena Bakir
luxury dog toys

Playtime is probably your dog’s favorite time of the day, and it’s essential to provide your pup with a variety of the highest quality dog toys on the market to keep them satisfied and active! From soft squeaky plush toys for your dog to chew on and cuddle with to tug dolls that test their strength, finding a range of different toys for your dog is necessary in keeping them excited for playtime and constantly on their paws!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we have a wide selection of dog toys to choose from, guaranteeing that your dog will never have a moment of boredom! Check out the full collection at our store here!

Here’s a list of some of our most adorable and high quality dog toys!

Kong Shells Bear Dog Toy

The perfect toy for teething puppies, this Kong Shells Bear toy features multiple different textures and shapes to keep puppies and older dogs who love to chew satisfied and entertained for hours! This toy has a ballistic fabric cover wrapped around a durable rubber body with flexible spikes which not only give them a range of materials to chew on but also helps keep their teeth clean! Moreover, the toy comes with a built-in squeaker, rewarding your canine friend with a sound as sound as they bite down!

P.L.A.Y Wobble Ball Interactive Treat Dispenser Dog Toy

This fun interactive toy are just what your dog needs to stay excited for playtime. By adding treats as rewards into the mix, you can guarantee your dog will definitely enjoy playing with this toy! Providing hours of interactive fun, this dispensing dog toy is made using durable Poly-carbonate and ABS thermoplastic and is uniquely shaped to roll around in unpredictable ways to keep your dog running and playing!

Mutts & Hounds Linen Bones Dog Toy

Covered in the new exclusive Bones linen fabric by Mutts and Hounds, this luxurious dog toy is both stylish and fun! Complete with a squeaker inside, not only will this dog toy look lovely in your house but will also provide hours of fun. The dog toy is available in three colors and in a range of sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your canine!

P.L.A.Y Toss and Float Dog Toy

Designed to be thrown easily and to float on water, P.L.A.Y’s Toss and Float dog toy is the perfect gift for a dog that loves playing in the outdoors and doesn’t mind getting their paws wet! Take your dog out into nature and play a lovely game of fetch on land or in water with this toy, and give your dog the exercise they deserve! The toy is available in two sizes and is machine washable.

Woodland Friends Rabbit Thrower Dog Toy

This Woodland Friends plush rabbit thrower dog toy comes complete with a squeaker and nylon strap to aid in throwing and make fetching fun! The rabbit comes with a lovely plush fabric containing faux fur features, making it soft and smooth to the touch.

Looking for more?

If you’re looking for more dog toys to pamper your canine companion with, make sure to check out the full collection at our store and choose your favorite picks!

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