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by Reena Bakir
murphy's bakery

Made from natural delicious goodness and baked with kind family love, Murphy’s Bakery dog biscuits and meat treats are made from the freshest ingredients and, most importantly, have your dog’s health and satisfaction as their top priority! Full of fresh fruit, vegetables as well as being gluten and wheat free, you can guarantee a healthy diet for your pet with these tasty treats!

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Murphy's Bakery Home-Baked Dog Treats

Beginning as a small family business of baking biscuits for their own pups and growing both in size and name, Murphy’s Bakery hand-bake their products in Worcestershire and use locally sourced ingredients for their delicious treats.

Perfect for maintaining a balanced diet for your beloved pet, Murphy’s Bakery biscuits ts are baked with rice flour, making them entirely gluten free and wheat free! The biscuits can easily be broken in your hands which also allows you to manage the portions of the treats, and making them ideal training treats and rewards! Their meat treats are absolutely delicious, and are made from the finest locally sourced British meat to support the local industry!


Peanut Butter and Banana Crunch Bones by Murphy’s Bakery

Incredibly delicious and simultaneously healthy, these Peanut Butter and Banana dog treats are baked using a range of fresh ingredients, including fresh banana, ground peanut, and golden honey! Fully wheat-free and gluten-free, these treats are a great source of proteins and healthy heart fats! They also contain magnesium and potassium to keep your dog’s blood pressure under control, a range of vitamins to look after their coat as well as support their immune system!

Apple and Oat Crumble Treats by Murphy’s Bakery

These mouth-watering Apple and Oats treats are entirely gluten free and wheat free, and are made from fresh apple ingredients! This product is low in protein and fat, making it ideal for dogs sticking to healthier diet alternatives. It is high in soluble fibre and contains vitamin C, K and calcium!

Gourmet Beef and Garlic Sausages by Murphy’s Bakery

Made with over 70% meat, these tasty Beef and Garlic Sausages are guaranteed to keep your dog’s coat shiny and healthy! Delicious to the last bite, these sausages act as ideal training tools for obedience and tricks! And don’t worry, the product contains minimal garlic to only add the needed nutrients for healthier fur! Store these treats in a cool dry place to preserve quality!

Gourmet Liver Sausages by Murphy’s Bakery

Using top grade beef and chicken, these best-selling sausages are guaranteed to have your dog drooling! Made with 70% meat and using only human-grade ingredients that will give your dog the sufficient nutrients they deserve, these are the ideal treats for any hungry canine! Store these treats in a cool dry place to preserve quality!

There’s More!

Hungry for more of Murphy’s Bakery’s top delicious dog treats? Make sure you visit our store here and check out the entire collection of juicy biscuits and treats for your canine!

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