Museum of the Dog opening in New York City

by Reena Bakir
the museum of the dog

An appreciation for all things dog-related, the Museum of the Dog is making its way to New York City!

The museum is set to return on the 8th of February to midtown Manhattan, where it was originally started, after residing in West St Louis County, Missouri for three decades.

The opening coincides with the 142-year-old Westminster Kennel Club Dog show, which is schedules to begin a few days after the museum is launched.

The canine-related gallery, featuring hundreds of dog-inspired paintings, prints, sculptures and figurines will be housed by the American Kennel Club, showcasing many famous work such as
“Deerhound & Recumbent Foxhound” by Sir Edwin Henry Landseer, “English Setter in a Field” by Percival Rosseau, “The Levee” by George Henry Hall and many others.

the museum of the dog deerhound and foxhound
“Deerhound and Recumbent Foxhound” by Sir Edwin Henry

The Museum of the Dog will also hold interactive display shows and digital exhibits, including books that match visitors with dog breeds and touchscreens allowing visitors to learn more about different breeds. A special application for children featuring a virtual dog tour guide will also be available for visiting families.

The first exhibition to open will be titled “For the Love of All Things Dog”, and perfectly describes the dedication the museum has for canines. The Museum was described by Alan Fausel, executive director of AKC Museum of the Dog as “a beautiful ode to man’s best friend”.

Tickets to enter the museum will be $15 for adults, and $5 for children under the age of five.

A welcome brunch will also be hosted at the Museum on Sunday February 10th, allowing dog and art lovers alike to celebrate the launch of this special gallery.

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