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by Reena Bakir
mutts and hounds

An intrinsically British company, Mutts and Hounds is a premium English lifestyle brand that produces high quality luxury dog products of all kinds! Inspired by British style and sensibility, the brand is dedicated to a sleek, practical and luxurious aesthetic for all of their products, from dog beds to coats and other luxury accessories!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we offer a wide collection of Mutts and Hounds luxury products at our store, including collars, harnesses, beds, cushions, toys and more! Check out their entire selection of fabulous items, and buy your canine a fresh set of accessories for a fancy fit!

About Mutts and Hounds

Mutts and Hounds Luxury British Dog Accessories

Established in 2011, the brand was built upon a love for animals, textiles and design! Now becoming a premium lifestyle brand in the UK, Mutts and Hounds today offer a great range of products inspired by the fascinating Cotswold countryside, coming in a variety of prints and designs.

Some of their signature collections include Yorkshire Tweed, Italian Leather and original printed linens, among many other fabulous prints!


Luxury Grape Tweed Dog Harness

mutts and hounds

This fabulous soft harness by Mutts and Hounds comes in a beautiful grape tweed design, sporting colors or purple, red and green! Not only is this harness incredibly comfortable and stylish, but it is also convenient for both pets and owners, coming full with a D ring on the back to hook a lead, and Velcro fastenings around the chest and neck for an easy wear!

Luxury Macaroon Tweed Check Tweed Dog Harness

mutts and houndsThis stylish Macaroon Tweed harness is an ideal choice for your pooch! Crafted from Tweed expertly spun in Yorkshire, this harness is incredibly soft and convenient, and comes with adjustable Velcro fastening to find the perfect and most comfortable fit on your canine!


Grape Leather Dog Collar

mutts and hounds

In an iconic Grape leather, this collar belong to the Mutts and Hounds leather dog collar collection and is crafted from the finest Italian leather made in England. The leather features premium softness and superior fittings cast from solid brass and shiny nickel for a durable and stylish touch.

Beds and Cushions

Mutts and Hounds Linen Bones Donut Dog Bed

This fun donut dog bed is guaranteed to please! Coming in three beautiful colors, Heather, Mushroom and Sage Bones, this bed is stylish and contemporary and fits into any place in your home! The design of the donut bed is super comfortable for your dog to snuggle up in, and provides a sense of security and safety as it hugs your pet as they sleep. It comes in four sizes to fit dogs of all breeds.

Flamingo Pillow Dog Bed With Pom Poms

mutts and hounds

In this fun and quirky design, this Flamingo pillow dog bed is a one of a kind choice for your pet! The premium linen features a stylish flamingo print paired with beautiful velvet pom poms for an extra special touch. The pillow comes in two sizes and the cover is removable and fully machine washable.

Other Accessories!

Alongside their beautiful collars, leads and beds, Mutts and Hounds produce a range of accessories including dog carriers, toys and more! Here are some of these fabulous accessories.

Union Jack Dog Carrier

In a stylish and practical Union Jack print, let your dog express their British pride with this dog carrier! Perfect for smaller breeds, the carrier can double up as a travel bed with opened up! It is crafted in Somerset from Union Jack printed linen and lined internally with a comfortable soft fleece fabric. It comes with a zip and internal clasp to keep your dog safe and secure.

Dogs Duck Egg Linen Bone Dog Toy

Covered in a Dogs Duck Egg Linen, this bone dog toy comes complete with a squeaker inside and provides hours of fun play while also looking stylish in your home!

There’s More!

There’s many more luxurious Mutts and Hounds dog products available at our store, coming in a range of designs, collections and materials!

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