Mutts and Hounds New Autumn/Winter Dog Accessories 2018

by Reena Bakir
mutts and hounds 2018

Renowned for being ‘quintessentially British’, Mutts and Hounds create dog products and accessories with a very distinct English touch! The brand stays true to finding a balance between practicality and style, with unique designs and products made from the highest quality material and manufacturing.

This season, Mutts and Hounds have launched a brand new Autumn/Winter dog product collection, which includes beds, collars and other accessories. Here are some of the products in their new 2018 collection which features beautiful Forest Green and Grouse Linen prints!

Forest Green Tweed & Tan Dog Collar

mutts and hounds forest green

This collar is the perfect accessory for a countryside Autumn walk! Made from traditional Yorkshire tweed and premium Italian tan leather, this luxurious Forest Green Tweed collar exudes quality and fashion! The leather darkens and softens naturally over time with use, and the collar’s fittings are made with superior solid brass and coated with nickel for a beautiful shiny silver finish. It comes in five sizes and is adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect size for your canine.

Forest Green Tweed Dog Carrier

mutts and hounds 2018  forest greenMade for quality and style, this brand new Forest Green tweed dog carrier is the perfect way to carry your dog around during Autumn and Winter! Your dog is sure to feel warm and snug inside this carrier with it’s soft fleece internal fabric and high quality Forest Green Yorkshire tweed. The carriers are worn over the shoulder, and are perfect for smaller dog breeds who tire easily from walks. Moreover, it can also act as a comfy travel bed for your dog to sleep in when opened up! It is available in small and medium sizes.

Grouse Linen Donut Dog Bed

mutts and hounds grouse linenThe beautiful Grouse Linen print fits perfectly with the cool Autumn and Winter weather! This snug donut dog bed by Mutts and Hounds is the ideal place for your dog to snuggle up, and will look absolutely fabulous in your own home as well! The bed can be machine washable, and comes in four sizes for all dog breeds to enjoy, no matter how big your pooch is!

Forest Green Tweed Dog Coat

mutts and houndsThis brand new Forest Green Tweed dog coat by Mutts and Hounds will not only make your dog look fabulous on their walks, but is also a smart choice for keeping your pet warm and dry during the colder seasons!  The coat is made from high quality tweed which has been expertly woven in Yorkshire mills since 1837, guaranteeing durability and great value. It is fully lined with a wrap around strap as well as Velcro fastenings around the neck and chest for better adjustment to your dogs body and a comfy ideal fit! The coat will fit on any dog as it comes in five sizes.

Want More?

Want more of Mutts and Hounds fabulous high quality dog products? Make sure to browse their entire collections at our store here, and find the perfect dog accessory for your beloved pet.

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