My Discovery of the Dryer Sheet

by Lucas

Sunday in my house is laundry day. My mom brings up piles of freshly folded laundry and puts them on the bed for me, so I can proceed to unfold everything and rub my face into it all. There just really isn’t anything else in the world like rolling through fresh, warm laundry. I love it, and I can tell by my mom’s screams that she is just so happy that I am enjoying myself. Now this dog Maymo has taken laundry to a new level. These dryer sheets, are they a normal thing to find in piles of laundry? Is this a game I’ve never played before, Find the Dryer Sheet? I watched this video and was like, man, I gotta look for those this Sunday because they look really fun. I’ll probably get a treat if I can find it, because the humans will be so impressed with me. Maybe I’ll just go to the source, and sniff through the laundry room. I bet if I chew twenty or so of those babies and bring them to the front door for them to find when they get home from work, I’ll probably get one of the special occasion bones they keep in the pantry. Wish me luck!


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