Top 10 family dogs

by Alexandra Madani

top 10 family dogs Beagle

10. In at 10 we have the most adorable looking Beagle. Beagles are one of the most popular breeds of dog in America, very loving and absolutely fabulous with children. Beagles are hound dogs so they need to be walked daily so they can sniff away! Full of energy, Beagles are fantastic if you have active kids, they love to play fetch and are fairly easy to train if you start early and have a handful of treats! Be warned though, Beagles like to howl so maybe think twice about a Beagle if your neighbours prefer peace and quiet!

top 10 family dogs collie

9. At 9 I’ve chosen the Collie. We all know and love the famous Lassie, and true to the breed, Collies are incredibly intelligent and great with people and children. Herding is in their blood so they will be naturally protective of your children but you should discourage the act of herding your children from an early age if signs start to show. The long coated Collies need to be groomed quite often to avoid lots of shedding. If you are not a fan of shedding, go for a short-haired Collie!

top 10 family dogs king charles

8. At 8 it has to be one of my favourite breeds, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Firstly, the King Charles is small in size so they are great for families who don’t have much more space in the house. Next, the King Charles Spaniels are very friendly and vivacious dogs with virtually no tendency toward nervousness or aggression, perfect for families with very young children. They are eager to learn and obedient and they are also adaptable to their requirements for exercise. They love to go on walks but they are also happy curled up on the sofa, definitely my type of dog!

top 10 family dogs british bulldog

7. In at 7 it’s another one of my favourite breeds, the British Bulldog. Often knocked for there miserable faces, British Bulldogs are one of the most loving breeds. They are not suited for all families, their wrinkly faces need to be cleaned daily to prevent skin infections and they can be quite stubborn when it comes to training. My advice as always is to start training from an early age to avoid dominance issues later on. British Bulldogs are fantastic with children but should be considered carefully as they tend to have many health problems so make sure you have a good insurance policy.

top 10 family dogs Vizsla
At 6 we have the regal Vizsla. A gorgeous and stunningly handsome breed, the Vizsla is very popular with active families. They need a lot of exercise so they are perfect if you have children that love to run around and play for hours but not so good with very young children. Vizslas are well known for their cleanliness, they have no smell! When Vizslas are not out running around, they are probably lying at your feet. They are very loving and affectionate and if given enough exercise, they make fantastic family dogs.

top 10 family dogs newfoundland
At 5 I have chosen the Newfoundland. Their sheer appearance just cries out, “hug me, hug me” and their docile attitude and natural nurse maid (yes just like Nana from Peter Pan!) makes them a clear winner with children. Even though they are often used as lifeguards and are capable of saving 2 people at once from the ocean, Newfoundlands don’t need that much exercise, they are really couch potatoes at heart! Newfoundlands are a big, if not giant breed of dog and due to their long double layer waterproof coat, they require a considerable amount of grooming so if this is something that concerns you, maybe think again about the Newfoundland. Newfoundlands are probably one of the easiest breeds of dog to train.

top 10 family dogs labradoodle
In at 4 I have picked the Labradoodle! What could be better than a Labrador Retriever crossed with a Poodle? Not much! These dogs take the best traits from both breeds, they are very intelligent and eager to please and thanks to the Poodle in them they are hypoallergenic with a coat that doesn’t shed so perfect with children or family members who have allergies. Need I continue? Ok, the Labradoodle does need a fair amount of exercise and brain stimulation to stay happy but in the evenings the Labradoodles like nothing more then snuggling up with their owners for a tummy tickle.

top 10 family dogs irish setter
At 3 we have the mahogany coated Irish Setter. If you have kids who want to run and play, an Irish Setter is the dog for you. These happy-go-lucky dogs are eager to please and very devoted to their owners. Irish Setters need a good amount of exercise and they probably won’t be too happy in a small apartment. They are easy to train and have a common trait of kissing so if you don’t like affection, don’t get an Irish Setter!

top 10 family dogs golden retriever
In second place we have the Golden Retriever. Goldens have what is know as a ‘soft mouth’ which enables them to pick up and carry 2 or 3 raw eggs without breaking them. You won’t find a more loyal companion who is one of the most obedient, willing to please breeds who are very easy to train. Goldens do like to run and swim and it’s in their blood to retrieve so you won’t have to ask your Golden to fetch, he’ll just do it!

top 10 family dogs labrador
And the winner is… the Labrador! Ok I admit I have a slightly biased view as I’ve been brought up with Labradors since the age of 3 but Labradors make wonderful family pets. They are so easy to train and they love to learn and please their owners. Labs are active dogs, they need space to run and they thrive in water. Like the Golden Retreiver, Labs have a soft mouth which they use when retrieving birds and fowl. Labradors are known for being a little mouthy when they are puppies so training them to stop biting from an early age is a must. When they go through the teething stage, give them something healthy like an antler horn to chew on. Labradors can adapt to most environments so they are happy living in the city as long as they get walked but they come to life out in the country with open fields and lakes to swim in. Labradors are great with children (I am living proof) so they should be on the top of your list when considering which dog to get to add to your family.

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