New Changes That Will Affect Dog Walkers

by Melissa Keen

Rules are always changing, and it’s important you keep up to date with anything that could affect you – particularly if you work with dogs like dog walkers or trainers.

Recently, there have been a few changes that might result in a hefty fine if not adhered to.

Not Carrying Poo Bags

Dog walkers could be fined £100 (with no discount for early payment) for not having dog poo bags on them.

Those who don’t pick up after their pooch will face the consequences after councillors approved changes to its dog policy.

More officer time is being funded too so that animal welfare officers will spend more time issuing notices.

It’s always best to carry plenty of bags with you just in case you do get asked. You don’t want to be caught out, so bring plenty of extras in your coat pocket or leave some in the car in case you forget.

Why You Should Always Pick it Up

It’s not only socially polite to pick up after your dog, but it’s also far better for the environment. Not picking up looks and smells gross, but is also really bad for wildlife as dog’s poo contains lots of nasty bugs that can result in illness for many animals.

So no excuses – pick it up, and always keep some spare poo bags with you!

Lead & Lead Length

You could be fined £100 if you don’t have a dog lead with you, or if you have a lead that is longer than two metres in designated areas.

You could also be fined if your dog is not on a lead on any council cemeteries, graveyards, churchyards or burial grounds.

It’s always a good idea to have a lead on you for safety reasons, and now the new law is safeguarding against those who might be potentially endangering not only their dog but other members of the public.

No More Than 4 At a Time

A Hampshire village has a new rule that limits dog walkers to only taking 4 dogs on a walk at a time.

You could face a £100 fine if you walk more.

This new rule has upset many dog walkers and owners who might make a living walking multiple dogs at a time.

If you’re worried about the do’s and don’ts of dog walking in your area, we recommend getting in touch with your local council.

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