New Geo Tiles Memory Foam Dog Beds by Danish Design

by Reena Bakir
danish design new geo tiles memory foam

These funky new dog beds by Danish Design are just the stylish addition your dog needs to give them the best night’s sleep! The brand new Geo Tiles print adds a touch of fun to any house, and the memory foam filling ensures the most comfortable of rest!

Read on to find out more about their new Geo Tiles Memory Foam dog beds, and don’t miss out on the wide range of more Danish Design products available at our store, from the most fashionable accessories to the comfiest beds!

Retreat Geo Tiles Memory Foam Dog Bed

memory foam danish design dog bed

Built to provide the extra support that your dog needs, this sustainable bed moulds to the shape of your dog as they sleep, providing optimum support and comfort. The bed’s inner cushion is filled with 100% recycled memory foam crumb filling, and the remainder of the bed is filled with polyester fibre for ultimate warmth snugness! The bed features a scandi-inspired geometric design, sporting greys, blues, and yellows.

Retreat Geo Tiles Memory Dog Foam Duvet Dog Bed

danish design new geo tiles memory foam

The ultimate eco-wellness bed, this bed is ideal for older dogs, dogs with joint problems or simply those who prefer extra support as they sleep. Made from 100% recycled memory foam filling, this bed is entirely sustainable and environmentally friendly. The bed’s inner is made out of easy care water resistant fabric to reduce the ingress of water and dirt. The duvet’s cover is removable, allowing for easy and convenient cleaning and maintenance!

A spare cover featuring the same fashionable scandi design in yellows, greys and blues can also be bought with this duvet bed, so your dog can still enjoy their bed when the cover is in the wash!

There’s More

There’s a wide range of Danish Design dog products available at our store, so make sure you don’t miss out on their latest and best products!

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