‘Old person’s dog’ Pembrokeshire Corgi is dying out

by Bronwyn Hall

The Pembrokeshire Corgi is becoming less and less popular as people believe it is an ‘old person’s dog.’



The breed is a favourite of the Queen and has been a part of the Royal family since 1933. At present the Queen has four dogs, two of which are Corgis and two of which are Dachshund-Corgi crosses.

However, the small breed has now been put on the ‘at risk’ list by The Kennel Club, meaning that less than 300 puppies were registered in the last year.

Huffington Post

Huffington Post

Other breeds on the list include the King Charles Spaniel and Miniature Bull Terrier. There are 28 on the list in total.

Debbie Richardson, whose Pembrokeshire Corgi won Best Dog at Crufts last year, said of the news ‘The problem we have is that they are seen as an old person’s dog.’ Mrs Richardson, of Cheshire, added ‘It would be incredibly sad not to see this quintessentially British breed in our streets and parks in a few generations’ time.’



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